Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Knitting Machine? and update

Hey ghouls,
I've been so busy lately!! Started a new caregiver job and Curtis and I just moved to a new room. I always hate moving. But anyways I working from home now, that's pretty damn awesome! Lately Ive been looking for a knitting machine. I'm looking for one that doesn't cost too much. Under a 100 for sure. I'm still going to knit more with my needles anyway this would just to be able to pump out big projects a lot faster!!!!!

I need to get my shop on a roll and this sure would help.
I'll post new photos of our room soon, looking bad ass!!!
Our rooms are so big!!!
We have nice hard wood floors!!! yayyyy now I just need to get back to work!
Heres the knitting machine that has my eye.
Have a awesome day peeps! <3>

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